Monthly Archives : January 2020

LMI Insight Report no. 25, How Much Do International Graduates Make Compared to Canadians? Earnings Differences by Broad Fields of Study

Overall, international students who graduate from Canadian post-secondary education institutions and remain in Canada to work afterward earn less than Canadian graduates, but the difference narrows over time.

LMI Insight Report no. 24, How Much Do Women Make Compared to Men? Earnings Differences by Credential and Field of Study

Female graduates from post-secondary education institutions earn substantially less than men. Five years after graduation, women earn less than men in every field of study and across all credentials.

LMI Insight Report no. 23, Improving the Accessibility of Labour Market Information: Survey Results from Persons with Disabilities

For many persons with disabilities, low employment rate reflects a wide range of barriers including discrimination, workplace practices and limited access to relevant labour market information. To better understand these issues, we asked persons with disabilities about the LMI they need and want.


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