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Director of Research (acting)

Anthony Mantione

Anthony Mantione researches and analyzes issues related to the skill needs of the Canadian labour market. This includes identifying and measuring labour and skills shortages, exploring new technologies for skill classification and consulting with stakeholders.

In addition to labour-related issues, Anthony has previously investigated the relationship between cultural connectedness and personal income for Métis people in Canada, as well as factors affecting the health status of Indigenous people in Canada.

Anthony is a member of the Canadian Economic Association. His interests include crocheting, good food, British comedies and fantasy novels.

Articles and publications by Anthony

What Does Gig Work Mean – And Does Anyone Agree?

By Anthony Mantione | September 7, 2021

What constitutes gig work? Not everyone agrees. LMIC senior economist Anthony Mantione provides an overview of some of the ways gig work is defined and why it’s important. Over the…

LMI Insight Report no. 43, Searching for an OaSIS in the world of skills and occupation mapping

By Anthony Mantione | June 15, 2021

OaSIS is a new occupational skills and information system being developed by ESDC that will leverage the experience of similar systems around the world to provide Canadians with skills-related labour…

LMI Insight Report no. 42, Under Pressure: Estimating the demand and supply for bilingual workers in Canada

By Anthony Mantione | May 26, 2021

Skills shortages have long been a concern for policy makers. The lack of certain skills among the working population reduces Canada’s competitiveness and hampers economic growth.

LMI Insight Report no. 33, Sectors at Risk: The Impact of COVID-19 on the Canadian Oil and Gas Sector

By Anthony Mantione | June 25, 2020

A joint report with PetroLMI to examine the challenges the oil and gas sector is facing and how LMI is critical to help the sector adapt to new realities.

LMI Insight Report no. 32, Through the Looking Glass: Assessing Skills Measures Using 21st Century Technologies

By Anthony Mantione | June 23, 2020

A joint project with Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) and Statistics Canada (STC) to describe jobs in terms of their skill requirements, as well as other job/worker characteristics.

Work Words: Define That for Me Please

By Anthony Mantione | June 11, 2020

Let’s face it, labour market information (LMI) can be confusing. And, to be frank, the term LMI itself sounds like jargon you only hear from researchers, academics or government officials.…

LMI Insight Report no. 31, What Skills Do I Need? Making the US O*NET System Work for Canadians

By Anthony Mantione | June 2, 2020

Three organizations partnered to research, identify and assess various methods for linking job–worker characteristics, with a focus on mapping skill requirements to occupations in a consistent manner.

LMI Insight Report no. 29, Making Informed Choices in an Uncertain and Changing Job Market

By Anthony Mantione | April 28, 2020

Using online job posting data, we examine recent shifts in Canada’s job market and ways to assess what employers are asking for in terms of skills and knowledge.

Improving Inclusivity: The Need for Accessible Labour Market Information

By Anthony Mantione | January 9, 2020

As a recent immigrant, I often find myself drawing comparisons between my home country, the United States, and my adopted country, Canada. Despite many similarities in language, culture and quality…

If You Do What You Love, Will the Money Follow?

By Anthony Mantione | October 24, 2019

Choosing a career can be a daunting task. Much like trying to define “success,” it can mean different things to different people. For some, it’s about passion. Proverbial advice such…

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