Carol Howes
Vice President, Communications, PetroLMI, Energy Safety Canada

As Vice President of Communications and the PetroLMI division of Energy Safety Canada, Ms. Howes is responsible for stakeholder relations, brand and communications management. She is also responsible for providing leadership and strategic oversight in all aspects of management and operation for the PetroLMI division.

Prior to joining Energy Safety Canada, Ms. Howes worked as a Business Journalist, Vice-President of a communications consulting firm, Manager of Media Relations for one of Canada’s largest energy companies, and Vice-President of Strategic Communications for a large, fully-integrated, national public affairs firm. More than 30 years of experience in all aspects of business gives Ms. Howes a unique perspective on workforce issues in the oil and gas industry. She currently serves on the Board of Directors of Lougheed House and Hospice Calgary.


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