Ryan Montpellier
Executive Director, Mining Industry Human Resources Council

Mr. Montpellier has over 15 years of experience in identifying and addressing human resource and labour market challenges in the Canadian mining industry. Since his appointment as Executive Director in 2008, he has led all strategic activities of the Mining Industry Human Resources (MiHR) Council and represented the MiHR Council on various industry and government committees and advisory panels.

He is a past recipient of the Canadian Institute of Mining (CIM) Young Leaders Award and the International Association of Business Communicators Gold Quill award. Mr. Montpellier is a regular speaker and panelist at industry conferences and events and was a past Distinguished Lecturer for the CIM. Prior to joining MiHR, he held various leadership positions with high-tech companies in the Ottawa region. Mr. Montpellier holds a number of degrees, including an MBA and a Project Management Professional (PMP) designation.


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