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Chart of the Month – October 2019

Percentage of part-time workers with and without post-secondary education in Canada by gender, 1990-2018

Source: Labour Force Survey Table PID 14-10-0020-01


Chart of the Month – September 2019

Men and women tend to have different reasons for being NEET
Main activity while not in employment, education or training by gender (% of respondents) 

Chart of The Month – August 2019

Share of Canadians looking for information related to the skill requirements of jobs (%)

Chart of the Month – July 2019

Figure 1: Higher Vacancies Estimations with JVWS and CFIB than SEPH
Job vacancy estimates from SEPH1, JVWS and CFIB for 2015 Q2 to 2019 Q1

Source: Survey of Employment, Payrolls and Hours, Statistics Canada, table 14-10-0224; Job Vacancy and Wage Survey, Statistics Canada, table 14-10-0325-01; Help Wanted Private sector job vacancies, Canadian Federation of Independent Business, available here
Note 1: Since SEPH is a monthly estimator, the average of monthly estimates of job vacancies for the quarter are presented.


Chart of the Month – June 2019

Share of employers, by sector, reporting that finding qualified or skilled workers is a human resource challenge (%) 

Chart of the Month – May 2019

Top 5 HR challenges for Canadian Employers


Chart of the Month – April 2019

Average hourly wages by relative qualifications held:
Education level of workers versus level required by occupation 

Chart of the Month – March 2019

Chart of the Month – February 2019

Percent of survey respondents identifying “skills requirement” as an LMI Need

Chart of the Month – January 2019

The proportion of inactive people who report not working because there are no jobs or believe they don’t have the right skills. Download Data.

Chart of the Month – December 2018

Overqualification Rates among Employed Canadian Men and Women.

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Chart of the Month – November 2018

Unemployment rates by age group

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