In July 2015, recognizing that timely, reliable, comprehensive and easily accessible labour market information (LMI) is critical to identifying and continuing to meet labour market needs, the Forum of Labour Market Ministers (FLMM) endorsed the creation of a Labour Market Information Council (LMIC).

In June 2016, FLMM Ministers endorsed a business plan to implement the LMIC, which was created as a registered not-for-profit corporation in April 2017 to provide the autonomy and the flexibility to undertake its mandate.

The LMIC Office is located in Ottawa, Ontario, and the Board of Directors recently selected Mr. Steven Tobin as the LMIC’s Executive Director.

Role and Initial Priorities

The LMIC will identify and implement pan-Canadian priorities for the collection, analysis and distribution of LMI. Key functions include: addressing the need for more granular local LMI; prioritizing consistency of LMI through alignment of definitions, standards and methodologies; and working with stakeholders to develop and promote a collaborative platform for disseminating LMI to Canadians.

Working in collaboration with the FLMM, the Council includes a Board of Directors comprised of representatives from the 13 provinces and territories, Employment and Social Development Canada and Statistics Canada.

Advisory Committees

In October 2016, a Call for Expressions of Interest to join the National Stakeholder Advisory Panel (NSAP) was sent to more than 120 organizations and made available online. Among the applications received, several were identified as potential LMI experts and proposed for membership on the LMI Expert Panel, which was later established by the LMIC Board of Directors.

The NSAP will provide strategic advice to the Board of Directors on annual priorities and other activities at the Council’s discretion, while the LMI Expert Panel will provide expert advice to both the LMIC Board of Directors and LMIC staff on LMI policies, practises and projects, in addition to informing annual priorities.

The membership lists were approved by the LMIC Board of Directors in September 2017 and results were communicated to the applicants in early October.