Why we’re doing this project

Earnings is only one factor that Canadian students consider when deciding to pursue post-secondary education (PSE) – but our research indicates that information on salary is the most sought-after labour market information. The investments Canadians make in PSE play a vital role in determining their labour market opportunities and career pathways. These decisions can have an impact on the country’s economic prosperity as well as other social and individual outcomes. Reliable information about post-secondary education graduates’ labour market outcomes helps students, parents, policy-makers, other stakeholders in the PSE system, and the broader Canadian public make more informed decisions.

What we found

In general, Canadian post-secondary graduates are doing well. The two most noteworthy findings concern earnings differentials: one between men and women in Canada while the other is between Canadian graduates and international student graduates who stayed in Canada to work. Explore the findings in more detail through the various reports, tools and data we have prepared, including:

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Press Release (January 14, 2020)

What the project is about

LMIC partnered with the Education Policy Research Initiative (EPRI) to provide in-depth evidence on the labour market earnings of PSE graduates.

The data used in this project were obtained from the Education and Labour Market Longitudinal Platform (ELMLP) and represent all graduates of publicly funded post-secondary institutions from 2010 through 2014. We follow their earnings from graduation through 2015. Our analysis of earnings is broken down by credential and field of study.


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