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LMIC's WorkWords is an online labour market encyclopedia that provides definitions of key labour market terms, data, uses and concepts.

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Why we're doing this project

We created WorkWords to help people better navigate key labour market information terms and sources.

Each WorkWords entry contains definitions of often-used labour market terms, links to assist users in finding data sources and insights on how to best to interpret the data to make more informed decisions.

WorkWords Entries

Employment Insurance

Employment Insurance The Employment Insurance (EI) program provides temporary income support to eligible unemployed workers while they look for employment or to upgrade their skills. The EI program also provides special benefits…

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Job Vacancy

Job Vacancy Job vacancy broadly refers to an unfilled position within an organization for which the employer is looking to hire. Labour demand is commonly defined as the sum of…

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Non-Standard Employment

Non-Standard Employment Last Updated: 11-2020 Definitions and Sources Work in Canada is classified into three broad categories based on whether an employer-employee relationship exists and, if so, the nature of…

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Occupation Occupation broadly refers to the types of professional activities in which one engages. It can be used to characterize a worker or a job. Last updated: 06-2020 Definitions and…

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Occupation Outlooks

Occupation Outlooks Identifying potential future labour market imbalances. Last updated: 02-2021 Definitions and Sources Occupation outlooks – also called “labour market outlooks,” “occupational demand and supply outlooks” and “job outlooks”…

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Skills Skills are developed capacities that an individual must demonstrate to be effective in a job, role, function, task or duty. Last updated: 09-2020 Definition and Sources The definition of…

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Wages and Salaries

Wages and Salaries Wages and salaries broadly refer to the monetary compensation, or remuneration, that employees receive for work performed. Wages typically refers to earnings per hour; salaries typically refers…

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