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The LMIC Publications consist of our research reports, the Future of Work Annotated Bibliography, which synthesizes the latest research findings, and LMI Insights, an ongoing series of short reports that investigate a wide range of labour market information related issues. To ensure the most relevant findings are available, publications are regularly published and updated.

LMI Insights Report no. 18, Education and Labour Market Longitudinal Platform 2.0: Exponential Potential

A review of Statistics Canada’s release of new administrative data on apprentice, college and university student loans and grants. These are now available in the Education and Labour Market Longitudinal Platform.

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LMI Insights Report no. 17, Finding Their Path: What Youth Not In Employment, Education or Training (NEET) Want

Most Canadians aged 16 to 29 who are not in employment, education or training are typically in transition as they look for work or wait for school to start.

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LMI Insights Report no. 16, Bridging the Gap between Skills and Occupations: A Concept Note to Identify the Skills Associated with NOC

LMIC, Employment and Social Development Canada and Statistics Canada are working together to leverage a new, evergreen Skills and Competency Taxonomy and exploring options to map it to occupations.

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LMI Insights Report no. 15, Search for the LMI Grail: Local, Granular, Frequent, and Timely Data

LMIC, Statistics Canada and other stakeholders have assessed several approaches for attaining more local, granular, frequent and timely LMI.

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LMI Insights Report no. 14, Is this a skill which I see before me? The challenge of measuring skills shortages

A continuation of LMI Insight Report no. 3 on labour shortages, skills shortages and skills mismatches. How do these terms create uncertainty and ineffective solutions?

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LMI Insights Report no. 13, Canadian Employers: Uneven Access to Labour Market Information

Two-thirds of Canadian employers rely on LMI for HR management, but most have difficulty finding and understanding LMI. The challenge is particularly acute for smaller businesses.

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