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The LMIC Publications consist of our research reports, the Future of Work Annotated Bibliography, which synthesizes the latest research findings, and LMI Insights, an ongoing series of short reports that investigate a wide range of labour market information related issues. To ensure the most relevant findings are available, publications are regularly published and updated.

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LMI Insights Report no. 8, LMI Most Wanted by Canadians: Wages and Skills

For employed people, unemployed people, persons with disabilities, recent immigrants, and recent university and college graduates, the most required LMI is wages and skill requirements.

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LMI Insights Report no. 7, LMI has Important Impact on the Career Paths of Canadians

Most recent immigrants, unemployed people, or recent graduates say that LMI made a difference in their career-related choices.

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LMI Insights Report no. 6, Easily Understood LMI is Essential for Making Informed Career Decisions

According to our public opinion research, many Canadians face difficulty finding the LMI they need. Often when they find LMI, it is not easy to understand.

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LMI Insights Report no. 5, Is it Difficult to Find Information That Helps Career-Related Decisions?

Reliable and relevant LMI is essential to supporting education, employment, training and career choices. Yet, a significant number of Canadians can’t find the information they need.

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LMI Insights Report no. 4, Exploring Data to Assess Labour Market Outcomes of Post-Secondary Students and Apprentices

The Education and Labour Market Longitudinal Platform helps us better understand the transitions of Canadians from education and training programs into the labour market

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LMI Insights Report no. 3, What’s in a Name? Labour Shortages, Skills Shortages, and Skills Mismatches

Labour shortages, skills shortages and skills mismatches negatively impact individual well-being and dampen productivity and competitiveness for both businesses and the economy.

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