LMI Insights

LMI Insights is an ongoing series of articles investigating a wide range of labour market information issues. The Insights share LMIC’s analyses and understandings in a clear, concise manner and help facilitate informed decision making.

LMI Insights No. 14, Is this a skill which I see before me? The challenge of measuring skills shortages

This edition of LMI Insights builds on the groundwork laid down in LMI Insights no. 3 and examines the topic of skills and skills shortages in greater detail.

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LMI Insights No. 13, Canadian Employers: Uneven Access to Labour Market Information

Employers say information related to wages, worker availability, and benefits is the most important but also the most difficult to find.

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LMI Insights No. 12, Toward a systems framework for technology and the future of work

This LMI Insight by David Ticoll, Chair of our National Stakeholder Advisory Panel challenges conventional, but flawed, labour substitution based analysis of technology and the future of work. David’s proposed multidimensional approach adds elements like product innovation, business model innovation and ecosystems impacts.

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LMI Insights No. 11, Educational and Career Choices for Students and Parents: The role of labour market information

In Issue No. 11  we asked students from private and public colleges and universities, parents of students from high school, and those finished with post-secondary about their needs, expectations, and sources for labour market information.

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LMI Insights No. 10, Insights into skills and jobs advertised on LinkedIn in 2018

The Labour Market Information Council teamed up with LinkedIn to report on top skills and jobs advertised in 2018. Access this report to get insights into vacancies posted on LinkedIn in Canada.

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