LMI Insights

LMI Insights is an ongoing series of articles investigating a wide range of labour market information issues. The Insights share LMIC’s analyses and understandings in a clear, concise manner and help facilitate informed decision making.

LMI Insight Report no. 23, Improving the Accessibility of Labour Market Information: Survey Results from Persons with Disabilities

For many persons with disabilities, low employment rate reflects a wide range of barriers including discrimination, workplace practices and limited access to relevant labour market information. To better understand these issues, we asked persons with disabilities about the LMI they need and want.

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LMI Insight Report no. 22, Understanding the Interconnectedness of the Future of Work: A Case Study in What’s Wrong with Current Discussions

Understanding the future of work and the inadequacy of current debates, with a focus on the two megatrends of the evolution of technology and demography.

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LMI Insight Report no. 21, In Conversation with Students: The Information They Want on Wages

A look at the wage information Canadian students want in order to validate their education and career decisions. The first in a series on students and their career choices.

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LMI Insight Report no. 20, From Data to Information: What LMI do Career Development Practitioners Need?

A focus on the labour market information needs and challenges of career practitioners, professionals who help students, job seekers and other Canadians navigate the world of work. Along with a visual representation of the report.

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LMI Insight Report no. 19, Settling Down: Recent Immigrants and Labour Market Information

A focus on recent immigrants whose employment outcomes lag those of Canadian-born individuals. A look into their challenges, expectations, needs and  labour market information experiences.

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