LMI Insights

LMI Insights is an ongoing series of articles investigating a wide range of labour market information issues. The Insights share LMIC’s analyses and understandings in a clear, concise manner and help facilitate informed decision making.

LMI Insights No. 7, LMI has Important Impact on the Career Paths of Canadians

To find out if Canadians feel the same way, we decided to ask them. The overwhelming response was, yes, LMI makes a difference

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LMI Insights No. 6, Easily Understood LMI is Essential for Making Informed Career Decisions

Our second issue uncovered by our public opinion research is that even when LMI is found, it is often not easy to understand.

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LMI Insights No. 5, Is it Difficult to Find Information That Helps Career-Related Decisions?

Issue No. 5 investigates the difficulties that different groups confront in looking for labour market information.

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LMI Insights No. 4, Exploring Data to Assess Labour Market Outcomes of Post-Secondary Students and Apprentices

Issue No. 4 takes an in-depth look at research possibilities and limitations of the Education and Labour Market Longitudinal Platform which was recently released at Statistics Canada’s Research Data Centers.

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LMI Insights No. 3, What’s in a Name? Labour Shortages, Skills Shortages, and Skills Mismatches

In an effort to add clarity to the discussions regarding labour shortages, skills shortages, and skills mismatches, Issue No. 3 offers specific definitions for these three closely related, but distinct, workforce issues.

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