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Ross Finnie

Director, Education Policy Research Initiative, University of Ottawa

About Ross

Dr. Finnie is a Full Professor in the Graduate School of Public and International Affairs at the University of Ottawa and Director of the Education Policy Research Initiative, a national research organization based at U of Ottawa. Professor Finnie was educated at Queen’s University, the London School of Economics and the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and has previously held positions at Laval, Carleton and Queen’s Universities.

Dr. Finnie is a Research Fellow at the CD Howe Institute (where he is also a member of their Human Capital Council) and the Institute of Labour Economics (IZA), and a member of Statistics Canada’s National Advisory Committee on Postsecondary Education Statistics, Employment and Social Development Canada’s Advisory Committee on Learning, and the Experts Panel of the National Stakeholder Advisory Panel of the Labour Market Information Council.

One of Dr. Finnie’s major areas of interest is postsecondary education (PSE), including access and barriers to PSE; student retention, pathways to completion and the identification of students at risk of dropping out of PSE; the participation and experiences of under-represented and minority groups in PSE; student engagement, the quality of students’ PSE experiences and accountability of the PSE system; post-schooling outcomes, including post-graduation earnings based on linked PSE-tax data; and other topics.

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