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Future of Work

Annotated Bibliography

A curated resource of recent research on trends shaping Canada's labor market.


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October, 2023 | Griffiths, J., Lane, J.
Key Takeaway: Poor communication between the main players in Canada’s labour market is causing mismatches between the skills that businesses need and the skills that workers have. A competency-based system could be the solution.

November, 2023 | Li, V., Hamza, M., Kwok, T
Key Takeaway: The rise of remote work has boosted demand for the basic digital skills that are needed for many jobs in the modern workforce. AI and the increasing use of big data will increase employers’ demands for digital know-how.

November, 2023 | Mahboubi, P., Zhang, T.
Key Takeaway: Canadian businesses have sought short-term solutions to labour shortages—but several tactics are required.

October, 2023 | Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC)
Key Takeaway: IRCC’s new whole-of-government strategy to reshape Canada’s immigration system creates a more welcoming experience, aligns with labour market needs, and includes developing a growth plan.

October, 2023 | Dennler, K.
Key Takeaway: Canada has seen a significant rise in the number of immigrants choosing to leave the country, signaling a growing issue with long-term immigrant retention

November, 2023 | Picot, G., Crossman, E., Hou, F.
Key Takeaway: Immigrants who arrive through Canada’s Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) are less likely to remain in Canada—but those who do stay are more likely to remain in the province they originally settled in.

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