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Data Dashboards

LMIC is dedicated to enhancing the availability and relevance of labour market information that Canadians need and want to help facilitate their decision making.

Canadian Job Trends Dashboard

The Canadian Job Trends Dashboard allows users to explore labour market information based on trends found in online job postings from across Canada.

Post-Secondary Graduate Earnings

LMIC partnered with the Education Policy Research Initiative to provide in-depth research on the earnings of university and college graduates. Data from the Education and Labour Market Longitudinal Platform allow us to track the earnings of graduates by credential and field of study.

LMIC partnered with the Education Policy Research Initiative to provide new and comprehensive evidence on the early career earnings of Canadian journeypersons. Data from the Education and Labour Market Longitudinal Platform anonymously links individuals in apprenticeship programs with tax information from the Canada Revenue Agency.

In 2018, LMIC launched a major public opinion research project to better understand the diverse labour market information needs of Canadians. We surveyed over 20,000 individuals and organizations to better understand what information they use to make their education, workplace and career decisions.

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