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Labour Market

Information Council

We are committed to improving the timeliness, reliability and accessibility of Canadian labour market information.


2021-2022 Operational Plan

Our Operational Plan aligns with our new 5-year Strategic Plan. It ensures we use the lessons of the past three years to improve our practices and support Canadians through the future.


2021-2025 Strategic Plan

Our new five-year strategic plan builds on the achievements of the past three years and sets three new goals and supporting priority areas of action to provide Canadians with the information and insights they need to succeed in a changing and dynamic world of work.

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Recent Additions

Double Penalty: Being a Woman and a Visible Minority

For the first time, Canada’s Labour Force Survey (LFS) began asking respondents in July 2020 to identify if they fall into one of several designated…

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How to Forecast Skills in Demand: A Primer

Driving forces in the world of work—including population ageing, climate change, globalization and technology, among others—have been disrupting employment for decades. The quantity and quality…

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LMI Insight Report no. 41, Women With Low-Earning Trade Certificates

Following the RAIS report, this Insight Report focuses on the earnings of women in trades, and the earning differences between women and men over the…

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Client Centric &

Demand Driven

We approach our work with an understanding that, for labour market insights to be impactful, they must be timely, relevant and accessible and respond to the needs of consumers, users and other providers of labour market information.

Inclusive &


We are committed to providing labour market information and insights that respect the diversity of perspectives and needs across Canada. We believe our best work comes by working in partnership with others through collaboration, and harnessing the experience, expertise, creativity and resources of all individuals, partners, governments, agencies and stakeholders.

Integrity &


We lead with integrity through a relentless focus on quality and reliable labour market information and insights. Our approach is anchored in respect and understanding for the importance of openness and transparency in what we do and how we do it. We strive to ensure that our efforts and outputs are fair and objective.

Innovative &


We are committed to developing and embracing innovative ideas, new methods and new platforms. We strive to ensure that the pan-Canadian ecosystem of labour market information evolves to meet the emerging and diverse needs of Canadians, and we make every effort to and add value to that system. To that end, we interact with Canadian labour market information users in ways that are impactful, and we measure our efforts to ensure that we continuously evolve and improve as an organization.

From Our Blog

Double Penalty: Being a Woman and a Visible Minority

By Bolanle Alake-Apata | May 6, 2021

For the first time, Canada’s Labour Force Survey (LFS) began asking respondents in July 2020 to identify if they fall into one of several designated…

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I Was Clueless About Skilled Trades, but You Don’t Have to Be

By Zoe Rosenbaum | March 18, 2021

At the end of high school, I had to decide what I was going to do next. The only options I thought I had were…

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Producing and interpreting labour market information: Best practices

By Bolanle Alake-Apata | February 2, 2021

Canadians need high-quality and reliable labour market information (LMI) to support their workplace, career and educational decisions. However, LMI is produced by various groups that…

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