We are committed to improving the timeliness, reliability and accessibility of Canadian labour market information


LMI Insight Report no. 22, Understanding the Interconnectedness of the Future of Work: A Case Study in What’s Wrong with Current Discussions

A look into understanding the future of work and the inadequacy of current debates, with a focus on the two megatrends of the evolution of technology and demography.

Supporting Immigrants with Labour Market Information

A look at the importance of labour market information in supporting newcomers settling in and integrating to Canada, based on our public opinion research findings on recent immigrants.

LMI Insight Report no. 21, In Conversation with Students: The Information They Want on Wages

A look at the wage information Canadian students want in order to validate their education and career decisions. The first in a series on students and their career choices.

Chart of the Month

Percentage of part-time workers with and without post-secondary education in Canada by gender, 1990-2018

Source: Labour Force Survey Table PID 14-10-0020-01


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We approach our work with an understanding that, for our insights to be impactful, they must be timely, relevant and accessible to consumers, users and other providers of labour market information and respond to their needs and demands.

We are committed to providing labour market information and insights that respects the diversity of perspectives and needs that prevail across Canada. To that end, we believe that our best work comes through leveraging existing efforts in the collection, analysis and distribution of labour market information through collaboration, and harnessing the experience, expertise, creativity and resources of all individuals, partners, governments, agencies and stakeholders.

We lead with integrity through a relentless focus on quality and reliable labour market information and insights. Our approach is anchored in respect and understanding for the importance of openness and transparency in what we do and how. We strive to ensure our efforts and outputs are fair, balanced, unbiased and objective.

We are committed to developing and embracing innovative ideas, new methods and new platforms through our collaborative and inclusive efforts. We will strive to build upon and add value to existing labour market information activities with the goal of being responsive to the diverse needs of Canadians and to reach and interact with them in ways that are impactful and meaningful. We will put in place measures and mechanisms to ensure we continuously evolve and improve as an organization.

Our Governance

In June, 2016, the Forum of Labour Market Ministers (FLMM) endorsed a business plan for the implementation of the Labour Market Information Council (LMIC) and in April 2017, LMIC was registered as a not-for-profit corporation to provide the autonomy and the flexibility to undertake its mandate. The LMIC is led by a Board of Directors and guided by two advisory panels, namely the National Stakeholder Advisory Panel and the Labour Market Information Experts Panel.

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The Operational Plan provides detailed insights into the projects we are undertaking, and the measures being put in place to ensure accountability and success.

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