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Collage style illustration shows a person on a ladder painting using a roller, beside a woman in a wheelchair using a microscope.

What is “decent work”?

Listen to this report as an audio recording The concept of “decent work” is an important one: it is the framework that countries worldwide use to develop initiatives, programs and policies that improve working conditions for everyone. It’s also used as a framework to evaluate how countries perform as they advance principles of decent work.  …Read More
Collage style illustration shows a construction worker moving pylons, beside a woman writing in a notebook.

What is a “good” job?

Listen to this report as an audio recording What makes a good job? The concept of a ‘good job’ or ‘good work’ is broad and debated among policy-makers, academics, economists, and many others.  Because jobs play such a significant part in most people’s lives, understanding what makes a good job (often referred to as job…Read More
Collage style illustration shows a woman working remotely.

LMIC to explore dynamics of remote work in Canada’s labour market

Listen to this blog as an audio recording In 2020, we experienced an unprecedented shift in the world of work. The COVID-19 pandemic transformed when, how, and where work happens, leading to the widespread adoption of full-time remote work. In 2021, over 25% of core-age employees in Canada were working remotely.  These changes paved the…Read More
Collage-style illustration shows a globe with arrows pointing towards a map of Canada.

Filling gaps in labour market information about refugees in Canada

Listen to this report as an audio recording World Refugee Day is an annual occasion designated by the United Nations, serving as a powerful reminder of the strength, courage and resilience of millions of forcibly displaced people worldwide.  Observed on June 20th, the day allows us to raise awareness and celebrate the inspiring journeys of…Read More

A brief history of Black labour in Canada in the 20th century

Listen to this report as an audio recording February is Black history month: an invitation to recognize, celebrate and honour the profound contributions that Black workers have made to the building of Canada’s economy, politics and labour movements. This month we’re sharing a three-part series on the LMIC blog in which we outline some of the…Read More

Where’s the data about disability and the labour market in Canada?

Listen to this report as an audio recording This week marks the 29th annual International Day of Persons with Disabilities, a day dedicated, in part, to celebrating the important contributions Canadians with disabilities make in our communities and workplaces.   This year’s theme is Transformative solutions for inclusive development: the role of innovation in fuelling an…Read More
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