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Kelly Hoey

Executive Director, HIEC -, Ontario

About Kelly

Kelly Hoey has been the Executive Director of HIEC for the past 18 years.  HIEC is an industry education council committed to advancing cooperation between business and education in support of workforce and economic development. Kelly takes great pride in working in partnership with employers, community/employment agencies and all levels of government. With a focus on harnessing technology to connect stakeholders and build community capacity she has led the development of HIEC’s provincial on-line communities and

Kelly is passionate about extending learning beyond the classroom and helping youth make informed career decisions about their futures.  Throughout her career at HIEC, Kelly has designed, developed and implemented career education programs that run out of the HIEC – Career Lab for more than 100,000 elementary and secondary students.  She has authored several articles on career development and is the author of the textbook Careers 10 for the Grade 10 Career Studies Course, a compulsory course for all Ontario Secondary School Students.

Kelly is glad to be connected to her career education and workforce development colleagues across Canada and internationally.  She has served as a Director and Chair of the Board of Directors of the Ontario Business Education Partnership, Director and Chair of the Board of the Yves Landry Foundation and as Director on the Board of The Centre for Skills Development and Training.

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