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Post-Secondary Graduate Earnings

New Evidence on the Early Career Earnings of Canadian Post-Secondary Education Graduates by Credential and Field of Study.

When Canadian students decide to pursue post-secondary education (PSE), they want to know how much they can expect to earn after graduation.

Reliable information about labour market outcomes helps students, parents, policy-makers and the broader Canadian public make more informed decisions.

Data from the Education and Labour Market Longitudinal Platform allows us to track the earnings of graduates by credential and field of study.

Our Findings

Earnings for Canadian post-secondary education graduates increase significantly over time across all credentials and fields of study.

Women and international students who stay in Canada to work initially experience lower earnings. Eventually, the earnings of international students catch up to their peers, but women face a persistent and growing wage gap.

2020 Report

In partnership with EPRI, new evidence on the early career earnings of Canadian post-secondary education graduates by credential and field of study.

2021 Report

Updated earnings for the post-secondary graduate cohort of 2010.

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