Labour Market Information

On June 28, 2016, Forum of Labour Market Ministers (FLMM) endorsed a business plan for the implementation of the new Labour Market Information Council (LMIC). Through the Council, governments and stakeholders will work together to ensure all Canadians, including students, businesses, workers and educators, have access to information they need to make informed decisions.

The Council will identify pan-Canadian priorities for the collection, analysis, and distribution of LMI; it will help ensure better value from existing LMI investments across Canada and foster the exploration of new opportunities for collaboration among governments and with stakeholders.


The Council is a core element of the FLMM plan to provide accurate LMI data that meets the needs of stakeholders in Canada. The mandate of the Council is as follows:

To improve the timeliness, reliability, and accessibility of LMI to facilitate decision making by students, workers, job searchers, employers, and policy makers, in support of a flexible, efficient labour market.

Council Priorities

Three initial priorities were identified for the LMIC and agreed upon by Ministers:

  1. Address the need for more granular local LMI;
  2. Prioritize consistency of LMI through alignment of definitions, standards, and methodologies; and
  3. In consultation with stakeholders, develop and promote a collaborative platform for disseminating LMI to Canadians.

Other priorities include increasing collaboration among federal, provincial and territorial governments and stakeholder engagement in LMI collection and dissemination.

Additional project-specific activities were identified and could be undertaken with interested jurisdictions through the use of innovative partnerships:

  • Enhance LMI on under-represented populations, starting with Indigenous peoples, and targeted groups (e.g., apprentices and youth);
  • Continue to advance efforts to collect and report on labour market outcomes of graduates; and
  • Develop a skills dictionary/common lexicon to advance coherence and accessibility of LMI terminology and data.