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Emigration of Immigrants: Results from the Longitudinal Immigration Database

Key Takeaway
Canada needs policies to improve its retention of immigrants.


The authors examine immigrant emigration trends in Canada using the Longitudinal Immigration Database and discuss factors that influence the likelihood of immigrants leaving the country. They note that some immigrants tend to leave within five years of their arrival, and that the tendency to do so has increased over the past two decades.  

The report highlights factors that influence emigration rates for immigrants, such as country of origin, family ties to Canada, education level, and admission category. It finds that immigrants to Canada are much more likely to emigrate within the first few years after their admission to the country. 

The authors note that these trends have profound implications for Canada’s immigration policy and demographic future. The patterns show the need for policies that improve retention. 

The report concludes that integrating emigration trends into demographic projections would improve social services and infrastructure plans, which are essential for Canada’s long-term socio-economic development. Detailed data and further analyses are needed to ensure that policies effectively address migration patterns.

January, 2024 | Ray, B., & Preston, V.
Key Takeaway: Challenges in Canada's housing market are hindering the integration and economic stability of immigrants and temporary migrants.
January, 2024 | Desormeaux, M., & Jean-Jacobs, F.
Key Takeaway: Labour shortages in the construction industry present an ongoing challenge that could be solved by immigration.
January, 2024 | The Daily
Key Takeaway: Immigrants who had Canadian work experience prior to admission saw increased wages post-COVID.
January, 2024 | Hou, F., & Picot, G.
Key Takeaway: Immigrants who enter Canada as temporary foreign workers or international students consistently out-earn those directly selected from abroad.
February, 2024 | Bérard-Chagnon, J., Hallman, S., Dionne, M-A., Tang, J., & St-Jean, B.
Key Takeaway: Canada needs policies to improve its retention of immigrants.
January, 2024 | Bagnoli, P., Matier, C., & Yan, X.
Key Takeaway: The income gap between recent immigrants to Canada and the Canadian median has diminished.
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