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Matching people with jobs and jobs with people

Key Takeaway
Poor communication between the main players in Canada’s labour market is causing mismatches between the skills that businesses need and the skills that workers have. A competency-based system could be the solution.


This report discusses the communication issues that labour market players have with each other and delves into how these can inhibit the efficient matching of people with jobs and vice versa. It finds that poor communication leads to skills mismatches, a lack of understanding among employers of the skills needed for certain jobs, and outdated learning programs.

The authors propose a competency-based system as a solution. Competencies—defined by the authors as the demonstrated ability to apply skills, knowledge and other attributes in a particular job to achieve a particular outcome—are seen as the appropriate signals required to match skills with jobs. These can be used for hiring, in learning programs, and by credentialling organizations.

This research dives into the idea of a competency-based system and explores the different issues that can be addressed using a more granular approach to matching people with jobs.

The report concludes with recommendations for policy-makers, employers and learning providers.

March, 2024 | Hardy, V.
Key Takeaway: In the period from October to December 2022, an average of 871,000 Canadians had a main job involving gig work.
April, 2024 | Janzen, N.
Key Takeaway: Slower population growth could reduce price pressures in Canadian markets, especially in housing, but may heighten challenges related to the aging population.
March, 2024 | Kenyon, M., & McDonough, L.
Key Takeaway: The In Motion & Momentum+ career readiness program could highlight the importance of pre-employability skills for workers.
January, 2024 | Ray, B., & Preston, V.
Key Takeaway: Challenges in Canada's housing market are hindering the integration and economic stability of immigrants and temporary migrants.
January, 2024 | Desormeaux, M., & Jean-Jacobs, F.
Key Takeaway: Labour shortages in the construction industry present an ongoing challenge that could be solved by immigration.
January, 2024 | The Daily
Key Takeaway: Immigrants who had Canadian work experience prior to admission saw increased wages post-COVID.
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