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The Construction Industry: Key to Solving the Housing Crisis

Key Takeaway
Labour shortages in the construction industry present an ongoing challenge that could be solved by immigration.


The authors explain that the construction industry in Canada, particularly in Quebec, plays a vital role in tackling the housing crisis. Unfortunately, the industry is facing significant challenges, such as rising costs, labour shortages, and competition from non-residential sectors.  

The authors report that strong population growth has led to increased demand, soaring property values, affordability issues, and strain on public services, and that Canada’s housing supply has not been able to keep pace. Although residential construction has led to industry growth, the authors found a notable shift toward non-residential projects, with industrial construction expected to grow.  

Finally, the authors take a closer look at the construction sector in Quebec, which is facing additional hurdles, including low productivity and challenges with integrating immigrant workers.  

The authors stress that open immigration policies could alleviate labour shortages. They also emphasize the need to address workplace issues like discrimination and harassment.  

The report concludes by stating that overcoming these obstacles is essential for the construction industry to address Canada’s housing needs effectively. 

January, 2024 | Ray, B., & Preston, V.
Key Takeaway: Challenges in Canada's housing market are hindering the integration and economic stability of immigrants and temporary migrants.
January, 2024 | Desormeaux, M., & Jean-Jacobs, F.
Key Takeaway: Labour shortages in the construction industry present an ongoing challenge that could be solved by immigration.
January, 2024 | The Daily
Key Takeaway: Immigrants who had Canadian work experience prior to admission saw increased wages post-COVID.
January, 2024 | Hou, F., & Picot, G.
Key Takeaway: Immigrants who enter Canada as temporary foreign workers or international students consistently out-earn those directly selected from abroad.
February, 2024 | Bérard-Chagnon, J., Hallman, S., Dionne, M-A., Tang, J., & St-Jean, B.
Key Takeaway: Canada needs policies to improve its retention of immigrants.
January, 2024 | Bagnoli, P., Matier, C., & Yan, X.
Key Takeaway: The income gap between recent immigrants to Canada and the Canadian median has diminished.
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