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Where to find data on student and apprentice labour market outcomes

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Statistics Canada’s Education and Labour Market Longitudinal Platform (ELMLP) provides valuable insights into the labour market outcomes of post-secondary graduates and apprentices. With data from the ELMLP, researchers and analysts can explore questions related to labor market transitions, mobility, pathways and earnings, based on characteristics like age, trade group, or field of study.

LMIC has previously used ELMLP data to create interactive dashboards that enabled all people in Canada to easily explore the labour market outcomes of post-secondary graduates and trade certificate holders.

However, Statistics Canada has recently introduced a new set of publicly available interactive tools that provide comparable information.

As a result, we have decommissioned LMIC’s interactive dashboards in favour of directing people to Statistics Canada’s new user-friendly tools:

About the ELMLP

The Education and Labour Market Longitudinal Platform (ELMLP) contains information on early career labour market outcomes after completing an apprenticeship or post-secondary education. This platform includes administrative datasets that link the T1 Family File tax records (T1FF) to the Post-secondary Student Information System (PSIS) and the Registered Apprenticeship Information System (RAIS). It provides valuable insights into labour market outcomes across different fields of study, diplomas, and certifications.

To effectively use the ELMLP datasets, refer to the technical guide provided by Statistics Canada. Updated versions of the guide will be published as new data become available. Separate guides are available for the RAIS and PSIS datasets. In addition, the technical manual provides a comprehensive list of data tables published through Statistics Canada's data access points. Each guide highlights related insight reports that examine labour market outcomes after completing an apprenticeship or post-secondary education.

For more in-depth data exploration, the ELMLP data can be accessed through various Statistics Canada sources such as publicly available data tables, the Real Time Remote Access (RTRA) system, Federal Research Data Centres (FRDC) or the Virtual Data Lab (VDL).

LMIC reports about post-secondary students and apprenticeships

LMIC has developed several reports using the ELMLP datasets. These are in-depth examples of the analysis that can be done with these datasets. You can explore these reports below:

A picture of a wide angle view of high school students sitting at desks in classroom using laptops

December 2018

A detailed exploration of what data is available to assess labour market outcomes for both post-secondary students and apprentices.

Woman working in the construction industry

March 2021

This report delves into the income potential of individuals with Red Seal trade certifications.

An illustration of people at work surrounded by a graduation cap and work equipment.

April 2021

This report focuses on the earnings of trade certificate holders during the early stages of their careers.

An image of a woman at work

January 2021

A comprehensive review of the labour market outcomes of Canadian apprenticeship programs.

An illustration of a graduation cap

February 2020

This report provides insights into the early career earnings of Canadian post-secondary education graduates across various credentials and fields of study.

An illustration where one person is sitting and the other is standing holding books.

December 2021

An update on the earnings of the post-secondary graduate cohort of 2010.

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