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Equipping Career Services with LMI Tools and Data

Support the development of career-planning and guidance tools to draw on relevant labour market information by creating an open cloud-based LMI data repository

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Why we're doing this project

Every day, Canadians seek out front-line career organizations to get help while making important career and education choices. This project aims to provide front-line career development organizations with access to the data and tools they need to help Canadians succeed.

What the project is about

LMIC is drawing on the project management expertise of Challenge Factory, a Canadian career and workforce development firm, to ensure cross-sectoral career development approaches are integrated into all phases of project work.

A series of initiatives will support the project’s overall development and goals:

Career Development Stakeholder Committee 

The Career Development Stakeholder Committee will ensure that the project responds to the needs of the ecosystem of career services providers and their clients. The committee will ensure that the project leverages existing work to avoid duplicating activities taking place elsewhere.

Skills-related LMI and insights

Build on ongoing work with Statistics Canada, Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) and Future Skills Centre (FSC) to create a pan-Canadian system that links skills and other work requirements to occupations, especially to identify emerging/in-demand skills.

Building a Decision-Based Framework to Understand LMI Needs

Package and curate key LMI and address prevailing knowledge-delivery gaps

Gather key data to help meet the needs of career development practitioners and their clients. Conduct quantitative and/or qualitative research on the accessibility of LMI.  

Build an open cloud-based LMI data repositor

Work with external data architecture experts to build a working prototype of an online data repository that enables seamless access to LMI for intermediaries and third-party users.

Test delivery of new career guidance LMI data and tools

Empower career development organizations to improve the delivery of LMI and related advice via an open call for proposals directed to front-line organizations and our partners. The goal is to develop new tools to access the online data repository (and other sources) to support clients in making informed career-related decisions. 

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