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Rebecca Photo

Governance and Operations Manager

Rebecca Webb

Rebecca Webb manages all aspects of LMIC that are governance, administration human resources, and finance related.

She brings years of not-for-profit management with her from previous roles within the cultural and heritage sector of Ottawa.

In her spare time, she can be found planning and working her garden; in particular, growing many varieties of hot pepper plants.

Recently Added

LMI Insights Report no. 17, Finding Their Path: What Youth Not In Employment, Education or Training (NEET) Want

By Tobi Burnett | August 10, 2019

Most Canadians aged 16 to 29 who are not in employment, education or training are typically in transition as they look for work or wait for school to start.

LMI Insights Report no. 16, Bridging the Gap between Skills and Occupations: A Concept Note to Identify the Skills Associated with NOC

By Tobi Burnett | August 1, 2019

LMIC, Employment and Social Development Canada and Statistics Canada are working together to leverage a new, evergreen Skills and Competency Taxonomy and exploring options to map it to occupations.

Balancing Act: Considering Trade-Offs for Improving LMI

By Steven Tobin | July 30, 2019

Labour Market Information Needs to Evolve in Parallel to the Challenges at Hand When federal and provincial ministers responsible for labour markets first endorsed the creation of a new Labour…

Labour Market Information Needs of Sociodemographic Groups

By Tony Bonen | July 26, 2019

We asked over 15,000 Canadians about how they use labour market information and what they find lacking in the current system. These results are now published on our new pan-Canadian dashboard featuring the key…

Untangling Vacancy Data

By Emna Braham | July 17, 2019

As unemployment drops to historic lows (5.5% as of June 2019), the background conversation on labour and skills shortages has been propelled to the forefront. As noted by my colleague Anthony,…

Dial up your skills for the future

By Anthony Mantione | July 14, 2019

I recently came across the BuzzFeed article “24 Pictures Old Millennials Can Hear, Even if They Haven’t Heard Them in Years.” As a sucker for ’90s nostalgia, I couldn’t click…

LMI Insights Report no. 15, Search for the LMI Grail: Local, Granular, Frequent, and Timely Data

By Tobi Burnett | July 10, 2019

LMIC, Statistics Canada and other stakeholders have assessed several approaches for attaining more local, granular, frequent and timely LMI.

LMI Insights Report no. 14, Is this a skill which I see before me? The challenge of measuring skills shortages

By Tobi Burnett | July 1, 2019

A continuation of LMI Insight Report no. 3 on labour shortages, skills shortages and skills mismatches. How do these terms create uncertainty and ineffective solutions?

Demography, immigration and labour market transformation: threats or opportunities?

By Emna Braham | June 10, 2019

On May 29-30, 2019, ASDEQ (Association des économistes québécois) held its annual conference in Quebec City. This year’s theme of demography, immigration and labour market transformation dovetails with our expertise…

Reconciling LMI Needs of Workers and Employers

By Steven Tobin | May 28, 2019

Shared Objectives For nearly a decade before arriving at LMIC, I worked at the International Labour Organization (ILO). The ILO is a tripartite UN organization that brings together employers, workers, and…

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