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The LMIC Publications consist of our research reports, the Future of Work Annotated Bibliography, which synthesizes the latest research findings, and LMI Insights, an ongoing series of short reports that investigate a wide range of labour market information related issues. To ensure the most relevant findings are available, publications are regularly published and updated.

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LMI Insights Report no. 25, How Much Do International Graduates Make Compared to Canadians?

Overall, international students graduating from Canadian PSE institutions and remaining in Canada to work afterward earn less than Canadian graduates, but the difference narrows over time.

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How Much Do They Make?

New Evidence on the Early Career Earnings of Canadian Post-Secondary Education Graduates by Credential & Field of Study

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LMI Insights Report no. 24, How Much Do Women Make Compared to Men? Earnings Differences by Credential and Field of Study

Female graduates from PSE institutions earn substantially less than men. Five years after graduation, women earn less than men in every field of study across all credentials.

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LMI Insights Report no. 23, Improving the Accessibility of Labour Market Information: Survey Results from Persons with Disabilities

For many persons with disabilities, their low employment rate reflects a wide range of barriers including discrimination, workplace practices and limited access to relevant LMI.

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LMI Insights Report no. 22, Understanding the Interconnectedness of the Future of Work: A Case Study in What’s Wrong with Current Discussions

Much of the discussion about the future of work and its implications has been narrow in focus. One of the missing links in the future of work literature is the interaction of megatrends.

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LMI Insights Report no. 21, In Conversation with Students: The Information They Want on Wages

The first in a series on students and their career choices. Young Canadians at the crossroads of high school and PSE want wage information to validate their education and career decisions.

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