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Research Lead (Acting), Senior Economist

Brittany Feor

Brittany Feor contributes to the accessibility and analysis of labour market information. She brings expertise in quantitative analysis and macroeconomics. Brittany’s quantitative research covers topics in labour and education, such as employment outcomes of recent Canadian graduates.

Brittany previously worked as a teaching assistant for Queen’s University and a data analyst for the Macroeconomic Accounts and Microeconomic Analysis Division for Statistics Canada.

Brittany enjoys watching social, cultural and political documentaries, and attending outdoor music events. She appreciates a strong cup of coffee.

Articles and publications by Brittany

Where to find data on student and apprentice labour market outcomes

By Brittany Feor, Anne-Lore Fraikin and Laura Adkins-Hackett | August 14, 2023

Listen to this blog as an audio recording Statistics Canada’s Education and Labour Market Longitudinal Platform (ELMLP) provides valuable insights into the labour market outcomes of post-secondary graduates and apprentices.…

Demystifying the links between rate hikes, inflation and a tight labour market

By Brittany Feor and Michael Willcox | July 17, 2023

Listen to this blog as an audio recording After pausing increases to its overnight rate in January, the Bank of Canada announced another hike this Wednesday. By adjusting the overnight…

Women in Recovery: COVID-19 and Women’s Labour Market Participation

By Brittany Feor | March 16, 2022

Two years after the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, we explore how women in Canada are recovering in a tumultuous labour market.

It’s International Women’s Day. What do we know about the state of women’s employment in Canada?

By Brittany Feor | March 8, 2022

Listen to this article as an audio recording Today is International Women’s Day, and we’re entering the third year of the COVID-19 pandemic. So today we’re asking ourselves: what do…

Food service labour shortages in Canada: exploring average hours worked as an indicator

By Brittany Feor | October 28, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit the accommodation and food services sector harder than any other. Now, even as the broader economy recovers, the food services sector is facing unique challenges…

LMI Insight Report no. 36, How Representative Are Online Job Postings?

By Brittany Feor | October 21, 2020

This report explains how online job postings can complement survey data to better understand labour demand.

Employment Recovery Lags for Low Earners

By Brittany Feor | September 18, 2020

In August 2020, employment increased by another 246,000 jobs (+1.4%) to bring total employment in the month to nearly 97% of its February level.  As noted by Statistics Canada’s data…

Key Measures of Economic Recovery: Employment and Hours Worked

By Brittany Feor | July 21, 2020

In monitoring the economic recovery as pandemic restrictions lift, it is important to look at several labour market indicators. Average hours worked is one of those key indicators. Between February…

Gender Implications of COVID-19 Unemployment

By Brittany Feor | April 21, 2020

Between February and March 2020, the Canadian unemployment rate jumped from 5.6% to 7.8%. This was driven, in large part, by increases in temporary layoffs for occupations in sales and…

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