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Understanding the labour market needs of Canadians.

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Demystifying the links between rate hikes, inflation and a tight labour market

By Brittany Feor and Michael Willcox | July 17, 2023

Listen to this blog as an audio recording After pausing increases to its overnight rate in January, the Bank of Canada announced another hike this Wednesday. By adjusting the overnight rate,…

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Magnifying glass examining different abstract layers and data points that intersect.

Intersectionality at work: Why intersectionality matters to labour market information

By Suzanne Spiteri | July 4, 2023

Listen to this blog as an audio recording Social life, work life, personal identities and other lenses researchers and economists use to understand the world around us are complex and fascinating…

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Closing the labour market gap: Approaches to addressing Canada’s job vacancies

By Anne-Lore Fraikin and Michael Willcox | June 26, 2023

Listen to this blog as an audio recording In a previous blog post, we discussed Canada’s tight labour market and the challenges it poses for policy-makers and the economy. We highlighted…

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LMIC economists present on labour shortages, demand, and wages at 2023 CEA Conference

By LMIC-CIMT | June 21, 2023

The 57th Annual Conference of the Canadian Economics Association was hosted in Winnipeg, Manitoba on June 3, 2023, and LMIC economists were present to share their recent research and findings. In…

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Filling gaps in labour market information about refugees in Canada

By Suzanne Spiteri | June 19, 2023

Listen to this report as an audio recording World Refugee Day is an annual occasion designated by the United Nations, serving as a powerful reminder of the strength, courage and resilience…

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Event recording and transcript: The labour market outcomes of immigrant youth in Canada

By Anne Patterson | May 16, 2023

Go directly to: Event summary On May 2, 2023 LMIC hosted a panel and discussion about the experience of newcomer and immigrant youth in Canada’s labour market, featuring youth, researchers, and…

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What is a labour market?

By Kashyap Arora | April 24, 2023

Listen to this blog as an audio recording When people think of markets, they often think of a physical or virtual market where people exchange goods and services.   But what is…

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Person looking through a surveying tool against the backdrop of an apartment complex.

Employer-sponsored skills training vital in Canada’s changing workforce landscape

By Guest Blog | March 9, 2023

Dr. Nancy Adossi, Senior Bilingual Policy Analyst with the Future Skills Centre (FSC), reflects on the findings in FSC and LMIC’s recent joint report, Employer-sponsored skills training: A picture of skills…

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Request for Proposals: Addressing Biases in Online Job Posting Data for Measuring Job Vacancies

By LMIC-CIMT | March 7, 2023

The Labour Market Information Council (LMIC) is seeking proposals to conduct a comprehensive analysis on the measurement of job vacancies using online job postings. Download the RFP Inquiries related to this…

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